About us


The largest aftermarket shop in the Midwest. Full line of Alter Ego Leather, Rain Suits, Cyle Covers, and so many chrome add-on stuff it will blow you away. Folks from all over say its like a huge candy store for bikers.


Established in 1973.

Alter Ego Cycle started out with a 18 year old with a dream of having a motorcycle shop. So in 1973 he bought a box of motorcycle parts and rented a 800 sq. ft. building in Smithville, Missouri. In only 2 years the store had outgrown its space.

Alter Ego then moved to Liberty, Missouri temporarily for 6 months until it moved to Vivion Road in Kansas City for 15 1/2 years. Within that 15 years our store grew so much we were bulging at the seams.

So in 1992 we built our own home at 4131 North Brighton in Kansas City which consisted of a 8,000 sq. ft. building. In 6 months another 6,000 sq. ft. was added. Then in January of 1999 we opened another location in Shawnee, Kansas, at 10412 Shawnee Mission Parkway. That store also grew quickly so we moved it to our current locatiion at 6211 Goddard in Shawnee. We also are in the works of adding on to our Missouri store