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In tubeless tires the SLIME seal is as effective as a normal repair. In tubed tires, regard SLIME in the same way as you would a patch. If you would be content riding a patched tube, then the SLIME seal is fine. If you regard the patch as a ‘‘get you home’’ emergency repair, then fit a new tube. SLIME can be easily removed with cold water. There is no other product like SLIME on the market. There are no glues, no latex, no adhesives in its formulation. SLIME is the most innovative break­through in flat tire prevention.

  • Super duty slime seals punctures up to ¼”
  • Fine tunes balance of all tires
  • Will not freeze down to -35°, dry-out or ball-up inside the tire
  • Prevents corrosion of the tire and rim
  • SLIME is formulated to last as long as the life of your tire

Motorcycle's / ATVs
Golf Carts
Utility Vehicles
Wheel Chairs
Any pneumatic tire
tube or tubeless

Application per tire:
Motorcycle  8oz
Bicycle  4oz
Wheelbarrow  8oz
Boat/Snowmobile Trailer  8oz
Compact car/Lt.Truck  8oz
4x4/SUV  8oz
ATV  16-32oz
Riding Mower  20oz
Or simply use this formula:
Under 45 mph:
    Tread Width (inches) x Height (inches) x .13 =    _______ oz.    Example 8 x 22 x .13 = 23 oz.
Over 45 mph:
    (Tread Width (inches) x Height (inches) x .13) /2 =    _______ oz.    Example (8 x 22 x .13)/2 = 12 oz.

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