Mikuni HSR 42 Twincam Carburetor

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When it comes to fuel induction systems Mikuni has taken the scientific approach towards making more power. Some aftermarket carburetors use butterfly throttle valves which obstruct the carburetor's venturi at all throttle openings creating airflow turbulence and hindering precise air/fuel metering. The Mikuni HSR with its flat throttle slide allows for an unobstructed venturi that actually flows more air at full throttle to produce more peak power than other carburetors with bigger bores. While at smaller throttle openings the Mikuni's smaller yet higher velocity flowing venturi, together with its advanced fuel metering system provides a stronger overall powerband. Features greater (15%) air flow, enlarged needle and float bowl, adjustable accelerator pump and enrichner system. All kits are jetted perfectly and ready to run. Included is complete installation instructions and owner's manual. Will fit cruise control model bikes if cruise control is not used.
42 mm Carburetor Kit for carbureted Twin Cam models
Fits Twin Cam 199/Later
Kit is designed to be used with your existing throttle cables, enrichner choke cable, intake manifold and air filter cover. Must be used with a Screaming Eagle high flow air filter kit
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